Library Programs

       Library Programs – Summer 2018

Clap it, Tap It, Sing It: Song & Story Circle for Kids –
Clap It, Tap It, Sing It: Song & Story Circle for Kids This highly interactive and energetic song and story circle is oodles of fun for everyone in the family. Sing a story with Karen and rock along to the music with this creative and fun gathering! Karen shares her collection of percussion instruments so you can accompany her stories and songs, but make sure to bring hands for clapping, fingers for snapping, and feet for tapping. Oh yes, and bring your voice for singing too!

LOL – Laugh Out Loud Improv! for Tweens/Teens or Adults –
This hilariously fun program is ideal for team building & community in your library groups and perfect for your summer reading kickoff program or wrap up event. Are you a fan of the TV show Whose Line is it Anyway? Then you’ll love this entertaining workshop. Laugh Out Loud Improv features improvisational theater games and comedy skits to help boost confidence, tickle funny bones, and stretch imaginations. Participants will learn about ensemble performance, improvisation, and comedic acting. No experience needed – just imagination & willingness to play!

Build a Better World – Upcycling with Teelightful Teesigns for Tweens/Teens or Adults –
Join the maker movement at your library. Participants will learn how to transform tee shirts into something new in this no sew workshop. Just a few of the options include upcycled dog toys, cape and mask, tee shirt scarf, tote bag, bracelets, skirt, belt, water bottle carrier, and much more. Each participant should bring 2 – 3 old tee shirts to the workshop. Any color, shape, condition, or size of tee shirt will do. Extra tee shirts, fabric scissors, professional roller cutter, cutting mat, and all supplies needed for this activity will be provided. This popular workshop is ideal for libraries looking to offer a creative, hands-on, maker style program.

Tweens, Teens or Adult program – RED Thread Stories                                           Life…Alive, Spoken and True.  Tell your Story!

You’ve heard of Poetry Slams right? Well, join the latest craze in spoken work with Story Slams. Everyone’s got a story to tell and Karen will help participants find their story. Come share your tale of woe, wisdom, humor, tragedy, or triumph. The 1st portion of our program begins with story coaching by Karen Bonnici, professional storyteller, creator and producer of the successful story slam series RED Thread Stories. During the 2nd portion of the program our volunteer storytellers will present their stories on stage in front of the group.

Not everyone needs to tell their story to participate. Storytelling needs listeners. The listening audience, however, will be encouraged to recall and sketch out a story during the first portion of the program.

Our story slam winner receives the coveted RED Thread Stories award!

Story Slam Rules:  1. Stories must be 5 minutes or less.  2. Stories must be true events that the storyteller witnessed and participated in.  3. Stories cannot include props, scenery, puppets, bells and whistles.  Just a straight up story!  4. The story must follow one or two specific themes that will be chosen by the library.  Possible themes include: On Fire, The Scoop, Close Call, Awakened, Coaxed & Coerced, Brainwashed, Superstitious, The Edge, and Shut Down are some examples.

Judges from library staff will be needed for our RED Thread Story Slam.





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