Please feel free to contact Karen to discuss tailoring a program to suit your group or school’s needs. Storytelling-only or music-only programs are also available. Karen regularly visits schools on a monthly basis, weekly basis or for one time events only.


     PERFORMANCES – ideal for your school, civic, private event, or birthday party

Jack the Ripper – an adult storytelling piece

JACK THE RIPPER - A Storytelling Piece by Karen Czarnik - storyrhythms.comIn the Autumn of 1888, Jack the Ripper, stalked, mutilated, and murdered what are known as the Canonical Five victims: Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly. Karen tells the haunting tale of their murders from the perspective of an East London, England prostitute during the same period. “Rip, kill, slash, slice. Not the sort that you’d call nice. Took with him the flesh of sweets. Ladies of the night and street.”

To Tell the Truth-2To Tell The Truth – During this humorous and from the hip performance program Karen shares a collection of tried, true and sometimes tangled stories from her own life that remind us to laugh at and forgive ourselves daily. Recommended for teens and up audience.

Diversity_ The One & Only WekDiversity: The One & Only We – This program helps to celebrate our differences and embrace our unity through song and world stories. Karen will take listeners on a delightful journey around the world while engaging in interactive call, response and story play!

imagesMarch Is Reading Month – Invite Karen to share stories that encourage the love of reading.  Section 398.2 in the library is her favorite place to draw stories from for this fun, hands on, highly participatory program for your students!

DANCING FEETTalkin’ Tales, Tunes and Tappin’ – A fun collection of stories and songs that help audiences play a part in the program. Join Karen for a few laughs and lyrics that will have you giggling and tapping all the way home!

UnknownClap It, Tap It, Sing It: Song Circle – This highly interactive and energetic music and song circle is lots of fun for all ages. Ideal for summer concert series, or family and neighborhood gatherings. Invite Karen to your next event and remember to bring your hands to clap, feet to tap, and voice to sing!

Spooky and Kooky – Tales and songs for Halloween and beyond. Fun and family friendly stories and songs to celebrate the season. This highly participatory event is perfect for your campfire, library, private party, community event and more!

UnknownAnimal Mania – Songs and stories celebrating our four-legged, feathered and aquatic friends. Perfect for youth groups and animal lovers!

Back to School Stories & Songs – 
This back to school program is perfect to get your students geared up for a fun filled school year of learning! Features a collection of stories and songs to entertain, tickle the funny bone and encourage the joy of learning.



Storytelling as a Literacy Tool – This workshop acquaints teachers with storytelling skills, story exploration skills, and taking a story off the page while expanding student enthusiasm for literacy and reading. We will discuss story framing, pattern, prediction and response, why they matter to the student listener and why they play a measurable role in literacy and comprehension. Brain activity and research relevant to the spoken word and the expansion of human understanding through story is also presented during this interactive workshop. Workshop participants will engage in improvisational story play guiding teachers toward broadening the narrative before, during and after the book is closed.

Ribbit, Oink, Black Sheep Have You Any Stories? – A Bag Full of Storytelling Games & Creative Play to Make Stories Your Own – This fun workshop for students includes a collection of story prompt games, story expansion activities and encourages participants to create story adaptations from popular folklore. This workshop is ideal for creative writing and supporting literacy growth.

To Tell the Truth – RED Thread Story Workshop – Karen will share a collection of true stories from her life then work with participants to cultivate their own personal tales. Improv exercises, small group dynamics, and story coaching are all a part of this engaging workshop. The program finishes with volunteer storytellers presenting their stories on stage in front of the group. Recommended for teens to adults.

Improv Story Theatre – This performance-based class begins with vocal and body warm-ups, and improvisational theatre games to build confidence, stretch imaginations, build storytelling skills, explore play and dramatic expression, and enhance speaking skills. Then, through the art of Improv Story Theatre, students will work as a group to re-enact stories utilizing improvisation, comprehension, and listening skills. This class is performance-based and provides an opportunity for creative kids to learn about ensemble performance, improvised acting, storytelling, and performance skills. This can be built as a one day workshop or an ongoing class with the opportunity for students to perform stories for friends and family.

Tunes & Tales Together  – Building on the tradition of sharing stories and songs in families and communities this is a wonderfully creative and interactive program. This program can be combined with Craft Me a Story (see below) where participants create story crafts to encourage continued sharing.

Craft Me a Story – This exciting program features arts, crafts, and interactive storytelling & song. Your group chooses one or more activities from a variety of arts & crafts projects based in Storytelling. Options include Story Sticks, Felted Story Boards, Puppets, Story Collage & Story Map Art, Story Boxes, Spin Me a Story Game, Fairy Doors, Story Stones, Rhythm Rainbows, Percussion Instruments … and more. Story and song performances are also included in this fun, hands on program. See photos below.

Clap It, Tap It, Sing It: Song Workshop – Music & Song. This highly energized, audience interactive program shares lively rhythm tunes for the young at heart. The only musical instruments needed are hands for clapping, fingers for snapping, feet for tapping, and legs for slapping. Oh yes, and bring your voice for singing. Any old voice will do!! This program is ideal for adult groups looking to learn songs to share with children. Each participant receives a songbook & free cd with all the songs included in class.


ACT: Art of Creative Telling  – The perfect workshop for parents, librarians, teachers, professionals or performers. This introduction to the world of storytelling will enhance your storytelling skills, improve your public speaking abilities, introduce you to a new medium of dramatic expression, and provide you with a wealth of ideas and resources. This workshop is appropriate for the beginner and intermediate storyteller.

Teen & Tweens LOL: Laugh Out Loud Improv – If you’re a fan of the TV show Who’s Line is it Anyway then you’ll love this entertaining workshop. This outrageously witty & creative program features improvisational theatre games & comedy skits to help build confidence, & stretch imaginations. This performance based workshop that provides an opportunity for inventive teens to learn about ensemble performance skills, improvisation, and comedic acting. No experience needed; just a sense of fun, fun, fun!

Adult & Teen Story RED Thread Story Slam – You’ve heard of Poetry Slams right? Join the latest craze with Story Slams. Everyone’s got a good story to tell. Come to our Story Slam, or invite Karen to produce your story slam, and share your tale of woe, wisdom, humor, tragedy, or triumph. Recommended for teens and up audience.

12038840_1707881916109052_1834646326317268445_oImprov U for Youth Groups, Business Professionals & Adult Programs – This creative and participatory program is ideal for team building events and features improvisational game play to strengthen communication, unleash creativity, and open doors to collaboration. In a fun, safe and spontaneous environment participants will experience learning that can be transferred to, youth groups, the workplace or daily life. No stage or public speaking experience needed; just a sense of fun with a goal of personal growth! Improve you through Improv U!

Teelightful Teesigns – Teens/Tweens & Adults – Tee shirt transformations! Bring your old tee shirts and transform your tee shirts into something new. Create your own unique newly designed unisex tee shirt scarf, bracelet, cape, skirt, mask or belt, and so much more. Each participant should bring 2 – 3 old tee shirts. Any color, shape, condition or size of tee shirt will do. See sample projects below.

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