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“Good morning! I just wanted to thank you for encouraging and sharing your passion for storytelling with the team. They had a blast, and brought back some great ideas; but most important- renewed excitement for the part of the day that can become routine. So thanks again!” Kimberly Andrew, Annie’s Children’s Center

“Just a note to thank you for your wonderful program! It was the perfect way to kick off our new season! Your enthusiasm and expertise will motivate us as readers and storytellers. Thanks again for sharing.” Members of the the Birmingham Storyteller’s Guild

“Great party addition! We recently hired Karen for our daughter’s birthday. She did a great job getting the kids involved even though many were initially distracted by toys in the area. She was able to easily adapt to the situation and we had a great time. She was also very easy to work with. Would definitely recommend for a similar event.” Julie Greenberg, Party Planner & Mom

“Your show was super power great! I have heard from kids and adults about how much they enjoyed it. I also received wonderful comments on your music and storytelling. Not only did the kids love it but the adults were also fascinated. Thanks again for the wonderful program and I hope we can plan for next year.” – Judy Gottschalk, Dearth Union Township Library

“Thank you so much for joining the Pokagan Band on Harvest Day! We loved your music and stories. You are definitely a rock star and we look forward to having you back again. I heard nothing but wonderful reviews from attendees. My 13 year old daughter was even singing your songs all weekend!” – Autumn Cabrillas, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and share your artistic music and storytelling talents. You truly are amazing. The kids absolutely adored you, as did I!” – Amy Watts, Livonia Public Schools

“I just wanted to express my gratitude for including a story into the program. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when you mentioned it but I thought it really showcased what the children were capable of doing. I heard nothing but compliments from the parents. The kids loved the responsibility of learning their lines and feeling good when they were successful. I loved The gingerbread man and the rhyming aspect of it made it more fun. Thank you once again!” – Ms. Cheryl, Bloomfield Maples Montessori

“Last Thursday at the Community House in Birmingham I got the chance to listen to you telling stories. I truly enjoyed it. It was a wonderful, awesome, and impressive morning that definitely left its mark. Thank you so much.” Gudrun Seifert-Kneer

“Thank you so much for coming and doing your Improv U presentation for our workshop series. We had a great time and walked away having learned different things that we could use in our efforts to grow our businesses. I appreciate all your time and effort to be with us and hope to see you again soon!” – Mark Tremper, Success Builders Network

“Karen is a gifted performer with a knack for getting children to interact right from the start of her program.  Her use of music catches the attention of the audience while also challenging them to use memory and listening skills to tell a story through song.  Working without props or costumes, Karen transforms into various characters in her stories and has a dynamic presence that makes a strong impact on the audience.  I loved hearing her songs and stories, and enjoyed watching children interact with her during the performance.” – Liz Conger, Bloomfield Township Public Library

“Thank you for being our Guest Teller at The Children’s Third Annual Storytelling Concert!  You were wonderful, so energetic and joyful!  Everyone enjoyed you, your music, and stories very much!” – Martha Flores, Detroit Storytelling League

“Thank you so much for coming in and sharing your stories and music with us! We had so much fun with you!” -Kelly McDonald, Riley Upper Elementary School

“As a storyteller, you catch us up in the moment. As a musician and songwriter, you know what will get us toe-tapping and swaying to the music. You have a heart for kids of all ages and know what we like. You certainly can tickle our funny bones!” —Darlene Williams, Librarian, Walled Lake Library

DSC_0947“With your stories, you’ve taken my students to places they’ve never been! Through your expression and movement, the children are captured in the story ’til the end. Thank you also for your advice on how they can become storytellers, too!” —Diane Mitchell, Teacher, Oakley Park Elementary

“Both times I hired Karen, she had the children engaged, singing, and also had them asking, ‘Does she have to leave now?’ She was the perfect entertainment for our neighborhood camp-out. The second event was a school function, where more than 150 children and adults participated. Karen had both the kids and adults captivated.”
—Amy Strauss, Parent and Community and School Volunteer

“During Karen’s storytelling class, I watched my son bloom. Karen captured the children’s attention with her amazing storytelling and qualities of an exceptional teacher. At the end of the program there was a graduating performance, and my son—who often avoids talking to people—was in front of an audience, storytelling. He was relaxed, smiling, animated, and funny!” —Carrie Schwinnen, Parent

“I’d just like to thank you for inspiring me again with something I’ve always known to be a rich teaching and learning tool. Because of your visit, a storytelling station now exists in our classroom. You should see the kids in action as they retell, create, and practice their reading skills.” —Megan Hintz, Teacher, Central Elem. (Petoskey, MI)

“Your songs, stories and lessons were beneficial to the teachers and students. It was one of the best presentations and most effective use of funds from our PTO that we have had in years! The hands-on, personal attention the students received made them grow in self confidence and in skills. Thank you!” —Susan Nayback, Teacher, Central Elem. (Petoskey, MI)

“I just wanted to let you know that my son had a blast in class today. You are doing an amazing job with the boys and all the moms are super pleased. Thanks for all your hard work … the boys are getting a lot out of it!” —Molly Midgley, Parent


“You were lots and lots and lots of fun, ’cause those were very good stories.”
“You are the best storyteller ever, even because I never saw one before.”
“I liked it when you made those noises.”
“Thank you for your stories. You’re a really great actress.”
“You are very funny and those stories made me happy. I was worried about the little girl but she was smart like me!”
“I like when I see the pictures in my head and then I can see the story.”
“Thanks for telling us stories. You are really funny!”


“Can you make your class longer next time?”
“Please come back and teach us again next year.”
“I am always so excited to tell people the whale story I learned, and I am adding lots of my own ideas.”


“A heartfelt thank you on behalf of the Storytellers Guild. You truly made a wonderful experience for everyone. Your workshop techniques were just what we needed to wrap up our orientation theme for the year. Your music was an inspiring delight.”
“So many songs and laughs. I’m wide awake and enjoying myself. Excellent resources.”
“Karen was inspiring and motivated me to pick up a musical instrument.”




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